Why Your Lifts Are Inconsistent

Lifting can be frustrating. One week you could be on top form then you may feel like you can’t lift a stick.

If you clicked on the link the chances are you can’t hit your lifts consistently I used to struggle with this until I changed these simple things.

Over training / Over testing

We all like to lift heavy but we can’t do it all the time. When you lift heavy your central nervous system (CNS) takes a beating. We can’t feel this like muscle soreness this is something you can only gauge with experience if you are feeling constantly tired this could be a sign that you are over training.

Over testing

There is always a temptation to see if you can get a new personal record however this could be setting you back. You should only test every 12 weeks the maximum as this taxes your nervous system a huge amount and you won’t be able to hit the lift consistently.


I’m not going to go on about the importance of form because you know how important it is. However, you should keep your form consistent for example you shouldn’t keep changing between sumo and conventional deadlift. Pick one and do it for at least a year.

Stress and mindset

If you have been lifting for any amount of time you will understand the important the mind is when doing physical exercise. This could change for a number a reasons whether that be a busy day at work or an argument with the wife. This is one of the hardest things to overcome, try to find a quote or a mental cue that motivates you to do the lift and train your mind to know when its time to perform. This could be something simple like saying 3,2,1 before the lift.

Training age

Like everything the longer you do something the better you get at it. Lifting is no different. To put it simply if you want to become better at a movement, do it more.

There are just 5 things you may be doing wrong. If you are making any one of these mistakes, change it and your lifts will become more consistent.

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