The Best Cable Exercises For Core

One of the relatively new pieces of equipment to be used in most modern-day gyms is the cables, but many can ignore them or not use them to their full capacity. The question we ask is, why not?

This article aims to shed some light on why the cables, along with the 4 best exercises to be included in your workout routines, are a perfect tool for strengthening and toning your abdominals.

Why you should use the cables

We need to work the muscles to fatigue by contracting against a resistance that leads to the breakdown of the muscle's fibres in order to allow hypertrophy (growth) of our muscles. Your abs aren't any different. People think these are developing differently a lot of the time when it's actually pretty much the same as any other muscle in your body.

They are a great way to integrate resistance while allowing for a number of different movements. An aspect of control balance, which further engages the heart, often involves the movement of the cables themselves. The weight settings can also be slightly modified, allowing for incremental improvement while still being able to effectively execute the full range of motion.

Below, we've included the 4 best cable exercises that we think are perfect for implementing into your workouts.

4 Core Cable Exercises

  • High Cable Crunch, Use proper form on this exercise and you will really feel the burn in your rectus abdominis.

  • Cable Judo Throw – This exercise is perfect for engaging your obliques with a controlled twisting motion.

  • High Cable Wood Chop – Again, another great exercise to engage your oblique muscles, helping to give definition across the stomach region.

  • Cable Russian Twist – The exercise we all love. Russian twist, cable style. Best used on an exercise ball or bench. Giving you a burn throughout!


  • Ensure you know what the correct type looks like before conducting each exercise. This will encourage you to comfortably conduct the exercise, while ensuring that you get the most out of it in terms of muscle engagement.

  • For 3-6 sets, each exercise can be performed 8-12 times. Experiment with the setting of weight until you reach the equilibrium where at the end of the set you can perform the full range of motion but continue to struggle, as this is how you achieve muscle development.


Hopefully you now understand why the cables can be such a good method to engage the abs in several different ways and also why it beats traditional body weight exercises for muscle growth in the abdominal area in the long term, advancing with weight to help reach muscle growth failure to stimulate.