By joining the Evolved Nutrition Brand Ambassador Program, you earn money by promoting our products and special offers.

We will have a look at your information and if we feel it is a good fit with our brand we will accept your application. Once accepted, you will have access to a range of tools including our banners, text links and access to Brand Ambassador discount codes. We publish discount codes for our Brand Ambassador to promote on a monthly basis via email.

By using our banners and by linking to our products on your website, if someone clicks through and makes a sale with us using your personalised code, you will earn a commission on the total basket value.

We would expect our Brand Ambassadors to heavily promote our offers and products via their website and social media by using a range of techniques. These may include writing health and fitness articles mentioning our products, writing reviews of our products, recording product reviews on YouTube, promoting our discount codes via Facebook and Twitter, using data feeds to showcase our products via shop windows etc.

With regards to the promotion of discount codes, Brand Ambassadors must only promote Brand Ambassador specific codes that are emailed every month. Codes promoted that come from our generic emails will have commission declined.


Commission structure:

You will get lifetime discount on our products or 25%. You will then have your own code for family and friends to use which you will earn 10% commission each time it is used (can either be paid into your bank directly or be claimed on our store.). After 5 uses of your discount code you can chose any supplements you want and we will ship it you free of charge.

Other Benefits:

  • A monthly email will be sent out which covers your performance (code usage).

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can voice your ideas and join the rest of the ambassadors so we can grow together.

  • You will have access to Private YouTube videos that will cover the company movements, how to improve your social media, etc.

  • Early Access to products.

  • A chance to be considered for a full paid sponsorship.

  • Take part in company photo shoots.

  • Feature on our social media, website & in advertising campaigns.

Brand Ambassadors must only promote Brand Ambassador discount codes and not codes published in our regular e-mails.

We look forward to working with you.

If you have any further questions or would like to apply, please email